Sponsored by the Illinois GOP, Take Back Illinois challenged players to explore four issues surrounding the 2004 state elections: Medical Malpractice Reform, Education Reform, Grassroots Activism, and Economic Reform. Take Back Illinois was a 2005 Slamdance Independent Game Festival Finalist.

The game was created in four parts, released once a week for the month before the election (Four Issues, Four Games, Four Weeks). Players explored Illinois state legislative policiy positions on Medical Malpractice Reform, Education, Citizen Participation, and Economic Reform.

Medical Malpractice Reform – provide health care to a community. Gameplay included moving people in your community to health centers that are open. By adjusting the Medical Malpractice Policy tool, more or less doctors would become available based on the medical malpractice climate of your mini community.

Education - concentrating all education resources in one part of the state or share resources across state school districts. Players were challenged to balance the needs of multiple school districts and improve their effectiveness with limited resources.

Citizen Participation - explore the responsibility of democracy as participation.

Economic Development – explore the need for smart economic choices at the policy level, specifically support downsate and in collar counties, incentives for business activities, and support for new job training in non-urban areas.

Key Features:

  • All four games were interrelated and your play in one affected your score in the others.
  • Online distribution and supported via local blogs and online advertising
  • Leaderboards for each mini-game
  • 2005 Slamdance Independent Game Competition Finalist

This game was released before the 2004 US election. Play an archived version free online at takebackillinoisgame.com

Slamdance 2005 Finalist

Exhibited at:
State of Play: Games with an Agenda, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne Australia, March 22 - June 18, 2005

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