Activism, The Public Policy Game
Balance six public policy issues with limited time and resources
About Activism, The Public Policy Game

Sponsored by the DCCC and released during the height of the 2004 general election, players are challenged to balance six public policy issues with limited time and resources.

In the game, you manage 10,000 virtual "Activists" allocating them across 6 policy issues. You can play based on your own preferences or load a pre-played scenario from players across the nation.

During the game, you need to simultaneously balance 6 mini-games representing some of the top policy issues faced by America in 2004. Players will find it hard to balance all these issues all at once, so you'll need to set your priorities. Still, you cannot neglect any issue or you will lose. The game allows you to explore your viewpoints on: The Economy, Education, Corporate Policy, Homeland Security, Military, and Internationalism, or you can choose to explore other's opinions in these areas through gameplay. Success in the game is based on three in game scoring mechanisms represented as: Monetary, Peace, and Quality of Life.

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