PT Cruiser Cube Excape
THE stealth office game of 2006.
About PT Cruiser Cube Excape

Developed to support an integrated online and offline advertising campaign for the 2006 PT Cruiser, Cube Escape challenges players to escape the confines of their boring, everyday grind at the office, and the freedom that a PT Cruiser offers. Each level challenges the player to escape in the shortest amount of time. Example levels include: Birthday Bother (everyday is someone's birthday in the office), Avoid the Boss (hard to leave work early when the boss catches you trying to sneak out), Meeting Madness (avoid getting sucked into another time wasting meeting), and Water Cooler Gossip (everyone wants to talk to you, but you have other plans). The game was designed as a stealth based game in the context of a stereotypical office.

Key Game Features

  • Fun, unusual gameplay for an automotive advergame
  • Visual and thematic integration with TV ad campaign
  • Leaderboard and send to a friend functionality
  • Did you find the Easter egg?

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