An educational game to help teach junior high school students learn Chemistry.
About Elemental

Elemental is designed to help players memorize important parts of the Periodic Table of Elements. Memorizing every single aspect of the entire table is not really necessary unless you want a career in chemistry or physics. For most students it’s better to properly memorize the most often used elements. What You Can Learn with Elemental:

  • Elemental families - There are specific families elements are members of based on their properties. These can be simple families like Metals, Non-Metals, and Mettaloids or more specific families like Alkaine Earth Metals, Transition Metals, and Halogens. By understanding the common and specific families an element belongs to you can better remember their properties and where they are on the Periodic Table.
  • The position of elements on the Periodic Table - Each element exists at a specific place on the Periodic Table. By memorizing this position you can remember how many electrons and protons an element commonly has.
  • The valence state of elements - The valence state of an element tells you how many electrons it can give or take depending on the compound or ion trying to be formed. By memorizing the common valence state of any element it becomes much easier to know what happens to it when it forms certain compounds.
  • Some common compounds - The most advanced gameplay in EleMental lets you form actual compounds. Many of these are common compounds you will learn in chemistry class including water (H20), to Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), and Methane (CH4).
Elemental has three modes of play:
  1. Elemental Types Mode - stack falling elements into vertical or horizontal groups. Any time you stack four elements from one of three main family groups (Metals, Non-Metals, or Metalloids) the elements are removed.
  2. Advanced Family Mode - This works just like Elemental Types Mode but there are now nine distinct families that elements belong to.
  3. Compound Mode - In Compound Mode you no longer stack elements by family. To remove elements you must create compounds with them. Drop two Hydrogen (H) molecules next to an Oxygen molecule (O) and form H20. Any compound recognized will disappear from the board.
As levels up you must create more compounds and deal with more elements. Eventually you must create close to 70 distinct compounds to complete compound mode and become an EleMental master!

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