Project Connect
A suite of 7 games to educate 4th-6th graders on the science behind telecommunications technologies.
About Project Connect

Sponsored by the non-profit Telecom Pioneers, Project Connect consists of the following games:

  1. Cable Connect - about undersea cable laying, and designed to teach about GPS positioning, longitude, latitude, and geography
  2. Cellular Connect - about cellular phone networks, and designed to teach how antenna and tower placement affect coverage and services
  3. Compression Connect - about compression, and designed to teach the principles of RLE and token compression in particular
  4. Email Connect - about email and the internet, and designed to teach how TCP/IP network communication functions.
  5. FiberOptic Connect - about fiber optics for data transfer, and designed to teach about bending and bouncing light, and about signal strength
  6. Satellite Connect - about space-to-earch communications, and designed to teach about orbits, rocketry, and different satellite types
  7. VoIP Connect - about voice over IP telephony, and designed to teach how phones can be used on the internet

All of the games challenge the player to perform tasks that are essential to each technology while learning about the key figures that developed said technologies. While the games look hard to adults, our experience showed kids quickly grasped the gameplay and were able to learn complex subjects in a short amount of time.

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