Xtreme Errands
Complete errands using the unique features of a three-row SUV
About Xtreme Errands

Coinciding with the launch of the 2006 Jeep Commander, Xtreme Errands challenges players to complete sets of everyday errands in preparation of 4 big weekends. Specific levels include Suburban Movie Night, Family Camping Adventure, Soccer Match Madness, and Skiing Vacation, Commander Style. This turn based strategy game requires players to utilize the 7-seat capacity and the Trail Rated TM 4x4 capabilities of the Jeep Commander to complete tasks in the fewest possible moves. Designed for repeat play, the game features leaderboards, and challenge a friend functionality.

Key Game Features

  • Unusual design allows players to game their errands
  • Unique turn based strategy game appealing to online gamers 34+
  • Hosted Leaderboard and Challenge system

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This game isn't currently available to play. 😢 Please contact us to learn more.