Stone City – Cold Stone Creamery, Inc.
Learn the relationship portion sizes and profitability in an ice cream franchise.
About Stone City – Cold Stone Creamery, Inc.

A training game commissioned by Cold Stone to create fun, experiential learning to their front line employees through games. This first game focuses specifically on portioning and its affect on profitability. Players have to successfully serve customers during different shift scenarios. The game features a sophisticated ice cream simulation, including a viscosity model to make the different flavors of ice cream pull differently, in accordance with their actual physical properties.

The results of player performance affect customer service, speed of service, accuracy in portion sizes, and correct recipe recognition reflect in their overall scores. Through the use of a corporate Intranet, players can compete against one another, and to date has been one of the most popular training initiatives that Cold Stone has ever developed.

Key Game Features

  • Ice cream viscosity model for accurate scooping
  • Distributed via corporate Intranet
  • Simulator and arcade style game play, requiring speed and skill
  • 2 major, 1 minor training objectives
  • Scoring system tied to corporate Learning Management System (LMS)

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